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I start it by hand then run it in with a small electric right angle ratchet then back it off a smudge till I have all the bolts in. Then I make a final torque pass which I myself have never used a torque wrench on my converter bolts, but I have. Dec 03, 2014 · As far as torque I have never put a torque wrench on them. You could look up standard torque values for fine thread bolts and course thread bolts and nuts to see what they torque to. Factory bolts were 3/8", but my aftermarket converter and flexplate use the 7/16" bolts which is usually the case for hi performance aftermarket..

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1. Brake Bolt. Trevor Raab. Fasteners: One 5mm bolt, behind the top of fork below down tube, and one on the rear brake bridge above the wheel. Some brakes use a T25 bolt head. Purpose: The brake. Left-handed thread applications include Additional product standards identify preferred thread sizes for screws and nuts, as well as corresponding bolt head and nut sizes, to facilitate compatibility between spanners (wrenches) and other tools.

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Left hand nuts are used when the screw may be subject to a counterclockwise force or torque. In other words, if a right-hand threaded screw in that position would become unscrewed, you would need to use a left hand threaded nut and bolt. Use left hand hex nuts with any type of left hand threaded rod, bolt, or screw. Left hand nut size refers to.

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Either the bolts bottomed out, threaded holes were worn, wrong patchlock used, oily/greasy threads, or wrong calibration of the torque wrench. DAN(husband of member STEPHANIE). :ThumbsUp:2000 Chrysler Town & Country Limited - Dark Charcoal Metallic with chrome trim, taupe leather interior. OK now the 3 torque converter bolts, this should be easy. Think again!! 1st attempt - sheared of the hex head, thinking these bolts only needed around 45 foot lbs of force. 2nd attempt - welded the hex head back onto the socket, are tried again (picture 1) twisted the hex extension. 3rd attempt -bought Japanese hex head bits and no go (picture.

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Torque converter/bolts thread pitch? Jump to Latest Follow. Look on the 03 converter and the 05 flexplate and see if you can figure out where the index holes are, make sure not to damage the converter.

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Torque Converter Distance measurements (from the bellhousing face to the torque converter feet) The box code is the last 3 digits of the second number down on the name plate on the left hand side of the autobox. Box Code Depth in mm . 061 – 22mm. 064 – 22mm. 065 – 27mm. 332 – 51mm. 593 – 51mm. 699 – 51mm. 631 – 51mm. 727 – 27mm ....

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The left-hand thread is used for special applications and the right-hand thread is the one normally used on nuts and bolts. Pipe threads are covered by BS 21, which was adopted as the basis for ISO 7/1 where the metric values were conversions of the inch values, to obtain interchangeability.

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noisy torque converter. Thread starter anderaa13. Start date Oct 22, 2003. Watchers 2. Check the flex plate and torque convertor bolts. I'm hoping someone else has experienced an issue similar to what we are describing in this thread.

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Left-handed thread applications include: Where the rotation of a shaft would cause a conventional right-handed nut to loosen rather than to tighten due to applied torque or to fretting induced precession.

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Sep 29, 2009 · 1,295 Posts. #3 · Sep 29, 2009 (Edited) grobb284 said: I picked up some 7/16 and 3/8 torque converter bolts for a 32 Ford we are building. With the 350 Chevy were are using a 350 turbo transmission. When I wnet to install the bolts in the converter, the converter is a BOP type utilizing nuts and 3/8 bolts. The flex plate is for 7/16 bolts.. Jun 29, 2011 · 26,982 Posts. #7 · Jun 30, 2011. You can position the flex plate and drill the holes larger while the engine is in the car. You may not need any spacers. Push the conveter all the way back into the tranny pump and measure the gap between the flex plate pads and the converter. If it's an 1/8" or less, you're good to go..

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Torque converter "stall" or "slip"is based on the applied torque and the differential RPM between the transmission input shaft and the engine. The same converter stalls at 4800 with 14 psi boost. This is 460 lb/ft and 420 HP. At this speed my torque converter is multiplying torque approximately 2.3 times.

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Install new torque converter bolts loosely. Tighten bolts so bolt heads are in contact with flexplate. Then just take care it doesn't come off the tranny, and install the tranny, leaving all the bolts to around finger tight.

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